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Rain Bird Maxicom Dollars Program

Make your money go farther with Rain Bird

Earn credit to buy, upgrade, or maintain a central control system by purchasing Rain Bird products.

Rain Bird’s Maxicom2® Dollars Program allows public and nonprofit agencies to earn valuable credit toward the purchase and upkeep of Maxicom2® and SiteControl hardware, software and related services, including training. Every Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation product purchased contributes Maxicom Dollars to your account, and every Rain Bird Rotor purchased earns your agency triple the Maxicom Dollars.

How to Sign Up
Qualifying for the program is easy. Non-owners of systems qualify by attending a Maxicom2® or SiteControl demonstration presented by an Authorized Rain Bird Central Control Distributor or Rain Bird Sales Representative. Mail or fax the completed enrollment form now and begin earning those Rain Bird Maxicom Dollars. In fact, once you enroll, all your purchases of Rain Bird products since January 1 of the enrollment year will count towards Maxicom Dollars.

How to Earn Maxicom Dollars
Earn points by submitting your purchases with appropriate reporting forms to the Maxicom Dollars Program office by e-mail, fax, or mail. Your Rain Distributor often assists with this. Your agency will earn:

  • 5% of the purchase price of all Rain Bird product purchases
  • 15% of the purchase price (triple the credit!) of all Rain Bird Rotors

Use your Maxicom Dollars toward the purchase of any Maxicom2® or SiteControl Central Control hardware, software or related services (see Rules and Regulations for details).