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Rain Bird Agency Rewards Program

Get rewarded for purchasing industry-leading irrigation products in the most fiscally responsible way.

Rain Bird knows that non-profit and public agencies must make the most of every dollar spent. So we developed Rain Bird Agency Rewards. This program is open to all public agencies and non-profit organizations. By enrolling in this program, your agency will receive Points on all Rain Bird purchases.

Earn Rewards Points with every purchase.

That’s right, in the Rain Bird Agency Rewards program, you can earn Points on all Rain Bird products purchased just by enrolling in the program. Just do what you’re already doing–purchase Rain Bird products. Agency Rewards will make it possible to re-invest your irrigation dollars in your agency and your people.

Trusted Products

From rotors and sprays to drip and accessories, Rain Bird offers an extensive line of industry-leading products that irrigation professionals have trusted for over 70 years. You can be sure that you are making the right choice for your agency.

It’s free to join.

Rain Bird Agency Rewards is open to all qualified public and non-profit agencies in the United States and Canada. Best of all, the program is free to join and has no minimum purchase requirements.

Agency Rewards and Benefits.

As a Rain Bird Agency Rewards organization, your agency is eligible to earn Rain Bird Points™ on all purchases from our extensive line of irrigation products. Your agency can redeem points for a wide variety of rewards including, but not limited to, cash, distributor credit good for Rain Bird products, and Irrigation training.

As your partnership with Rain Bird continues and your purchase levels increase, your organization can enjoy additional benefits. For instance, after establishing a base level, your agency is eligible to receive significantly more points for growth. This is Rain Bird’s way of helping your growing agency fulfill its challenging requirements. If your agency decides to standardize with Rain Bird products, your agency will achieve Premier Agency Rewards status. Your agency will earn Rain Bird Points at a faster rate and extend your three year customer satisfaction agreement to five years.